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How IBM India is becoming digital

"I am using iTrack for online classes. iTrack is a world-class comprehensive elearning platform. With the help of iTrack we can perform multiple operation like I am personally using iTrack for giving the eLearning module, giving eLab, eAssignments as well as different type of purpose which is needed for the online learning activities."

Trans Neuron Technologies, Rewriting India’s Higher Education

India’s higher education system rank the third largest in the world, next two the United States and China....

Trans Neuron's revolutionizes higher education through....

Trans Neuron Technologies’ eKaushal also has a Learning Engine called iTrack, which Sharma likens to “every....

Philosophy graduates will be in great demand by 2030: Experts

Mr Shivaam Sharma, CEO & Founder, Trans Neuron Technologies, said that a student’s full potential....

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Testimonials from The iTrack Community

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Sharun (Melbourne University)
"Something unique about AdmitKard is that the students get to connect with students actually studying abroad and get to know about everything before you go ."
Prateek Biyani(University of Sydney)
"It is the consultancy that I find most practical and the best concepts that could ever come. Learn everything from students perspective. I highly recommend to be a mentor with AdmitKard. "